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Bolands Mills Retail
Join us at Bolands Mills
We’re looking for an exciting mix of independent and specialist retailers, emerging and established brands. Makers and entrepreneurs who are ready to share our vision for Bolands Mills, and bring a true Dublin icon back to life.

There will be approx 23,996 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space in total, across nine leased units located on the ground floor of the main buildings. The central location means that this is the ideal venue for independent and specialist brands to set up shop, and show what they can do.

Bolands Mills is highly visible and easy to reach via a bridge linking the Mac Mahon Bridge to the central Bolands Square. Plus, new walkways will soon join-up Bolands Mills' public spaces with the surrounding streets in Grand Canal Dock. This lively, connected place will attract visitors from across the city.

Bolands retail spaces
Ramen Slurping
Flower Arranging
Bread Baking
Sushi Rolling
Tech Talking
Day Tripping
Taco Tasting
Art Loving
Coffee Brewing
Pizza Cutting
History Making
Friends Meeting
Bolands retail spaces
Local Flavour
Imagine a one-of-a-kind market hall in Dublin, ready to host local culinary collectives.

In the ground floor of the old flour mill buildings, the crank and thump of industrial machinery is ready to give way to a new foodie experience. With its high-footfall corner location and raw industrial backdrop, this is the perfect spot for street food vendors, bakers and artisans to show off their wares, and tempt food lovers from far and wide.

The marketplace extends to approximately 8,600 sq. ft., and is easily accessible from the Ringsend Road and Bolands Square.

We're looking for an experienced food market operator who will thoughtfully curate the space and bring together a lively ecosystem of local food traders and producers.

Space for food traders, retailers,
emerging brands and makers